Emma gets ink on auntie Dawn's new carpet

Yesterday started out as a great day! My wife (Johanna) is visiting her sister in California, my kids (Lucas 12, Isaac 10, Emmaline 3) spent the night At my sister's who they adore,  and my plan was to sleep in which I rarely get to do. And while I did get to sleep in a little, my plans were cut short by the actions of my beautiful princess Emmaline. This is the text I received from my sister ...

Ink on carpet 1.JPG
Ink on carpet 2.JPG

How did I respond?

Well, after a brief moment of anger followed by a fair amount of panic - as ink can very quickly become permanent - I instructed my sister to do the following...

  1. Do not attempt to remove the spot any further. Doing so will actually drive the ink further down into the fibers and may set the stain. Also, sis, why would you want to touch a spot when your brother is a professional carpet cleaner? :)
  2. Take a rag that you do not care about, get it wet, wring it out and place the damp rag over the spot.  Getting the fibers damp helps to soften the ink and prevent it from bonding to the fiber. It's very important to not rub at this point as rubbing will certainly spread the stain. The goal is to keep it from bonding while you get a professional carpet cleaner there to deal with it. Let me be very clear, while there are many spot types you can deal with on your own, pink is one of those types of spots you really want to get a professional to deal with properly.

The results:

Well, after  about 20 minutes of hand spotting using a technique that my dad taught me way back when he owned his own carpet cleaning company, I was able to get the following results...


So what can we learn from this experience?

For my customers: If you have an ink stain, please do not attempt to remove it yourself.  In almost every case with just a few exceptions, the ink stain is made worse and/or set in permanently when improper techniques have been used. Once this damage has been done, there is not much I can do to correct it. Getting a professional to work on this type of stain as soon as humanly possible, is in your best interest and gives you the best shot of avoiding a permanent stain.

For my sister: Seriously sis, how many years did we work with dad in his business for all those years, and how many years did you tell clients that would call us up with an emergency not to touch it and to wait for Dad. LOL. All teasing aside, I love you and thank you so much for watching the kids this weekend. So sorry my little artist almost ruined the day.

For myself: Work on trying to be slower to anger, and remember that she's just three :)

Emmaline gets ink on auntie Dawn's carpet



The culprit!