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About Us:

Phenomenal Carpet Care is a premium quality carpet cleaning company in Madison WI, owned and operated by Stephen and Johanna Meyer. Stephen is a formally educated professional carpet and textile cleaner who personally cleans each job himself. Stephen has over 20 years of experience with both basic and advanced level carpet cleaning, and to date has personally cleaned more than 10,500 homes.

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Carpet Cleaning

Phenomenal uses a pad-based carpet cleaning system which is an alternative to heavy-moisture steam cleaning systems that leave your carpets wet for days. Pad-based cleaning removes 40-60% more soils, dries in 1-3 hours and uses no harsh chemicals. Micro-soil transfer system.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Messy kids, dirty hands, body oils and dog oil can make your upholstery look grimy and smell stale. Our upholstery cleaning service in Madison WI and surrounding areas extracts these soils and makes your fabric look and smell like new. Be relaxed with freshly cleaned upholstery today.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can be beautiful, but it can also be a dirt magnet. Add to this that most grout is not properly sealed when installed and you have the ingredients for a floor that just looks dull and dirty. Phenomenal uses a rotary bristle brush cleaning system to clean and brighten your floor.

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Area Rug Cleaning

Area rugs need professional rug cleaning services periodically to keep them looking sharp. Phenomenal offers in-home cleaning of most rugs. This means that in many cases, taking your rugs to an expensive rug washing shop in Madison is not necessary.

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Mattress Cleaning

The average person spends 2,920 hours sleeping every year. This creates a breeding ground for allergens, bacteria, dust-mites and their fecal matter. Mattress covers do indeed help, but they do not completely prevent these contaminants from getting into your mattress. Get your mattress cleaned today and sleep more soundly tonight.

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Pet Odor Treatment

We adore our pets and they become a part our families. But sometimes accidents happen, and when this happens pet odor soon follows. Phenomenal Carpet Care is a leader in advanced pet odor removal and utilizes an industrial vacuum system to lift and remove offending odors for good.